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PCRP® are made with a revolutionary fabric

Many products actually on the market claim to stop, minimize or heal pressures sores. Whether, they are made of soft gel foam, memory foam, air inflated, etc..., they are all made of unbreathable fabrics.

Our PCRP® products are manufactured
with a new hardwearing worldwide patent
pending fabric that allow up to 170 cubic
centimeters of air flow throughout every
square centimeter.   It reduces users
temperature and pulls the wetness away from
the skin.  
Most of our PCRP® Pads are underlined with
a sturdy polyvinyl that will protect any surface
from accidental spills. 

  1. Two layer pad view

    Enlarged view of the inside of a PCRP® 2-layer pad​​

  2. Two layer pad view

    View of the pad folded in two​​

  3. Two layer pad view

    Enlarged view of a 1-layer pad showing how air circulates​​

  4. Two layer pad view

    All our pads are underlined with sturdy polyvinyl

List of PCRP® products

Here are all PCRP® offered to prevent and cure pressure sores:

To PREVENT pressures sores:

  • Mattress Topper 1-layer 3D Spacer Fabric with  a Polyvinyl Lining and 4-Corner Elastic
  • Pad 2-layer 3D Spacer Fabric
  • Soaker Pad 1-layer 3D Spacer Fabric with   + 1-layer Soaker with a Polyvinyl Lining
  • Pillowcase 1-layer 3D Spacer Fabric

To CURE pressure sores:
  • ​Mattress Topper 2, 3 or 4-layer 3D Spacer Fabric with​ a Polyvinyl Lining
  • Pad 2, 3 or 4 layer 3D Spacer Fabric with a Polyvinyl ​Lining
  • Chair Pad 8-layer 3D Spacer Fabric + 1-layer
​      Anti-Skid Fabric Lining
  • Pillowcase 1-layer 3D Spacer Fabric with a Polyvinyl  ​Lining
  1. Preventive Pillowcase

  2. Preventive Pad

  3. Preventive Mattress Topper with 4-Corner Elastic

  1. Curative Pillowcase

  2. Curative Chair Pad

  3. Curative Pad

  4. Curative Mattress Topper

​​​For more specific information about each PCRP products, download our brochure.
Download our Brochure
PCRP® - Benefits of our products

Here is a list of the benefits you will appreciate of our line of products PressureCareReliefProducts:

  • They are unique - they became the preferred products for people who had pressure sores or wanted to prevented them. 

  • They improve the user's sense of well-being and comfort by reducing users temperature and providing      a cooling effect.

  • They can be wash and bleach in your own washing machine and use again and again.

  • They do not required pumps, electricity, or power.

  • They are guaranteed for two(2) years.
PCRP® - Using & Washing instruction

Using Instructions:

  • All PCRP® products have to be wash before use.

  • Place directly under the pressure sore or area at risk of developing a pressure sore.  

  • Best results occur when the sore is directly in contact with the product.  
    • If you want to place the pad under a fitted sheet, we recommend to use a hospital quality cotton jersey knit fitted sheet.
    • If a garment or undergarment is worn, ensure it is as thin as possible and allows air circulation (e.g., a thin cotton shirt or thin cotton undergarment).

  • Do not place any other pad, bedding or cushions over any PCRP® products.

Washing Instructions:

  • Can be wash on a warm cycle (water should not exceed 176F/80C) using a small amount of PH neutral liquid detergent. Do not use powder detergents or any products that contain fabric softeners.  Do not wash with heavily soiled clothing.

  • Bleach can be use but make sure that the pad is rinsed well.

  • Dry naturally or in a cool tumble or medium heat setting.

  • Ensure product is completely dry before patient use.

  • Do not iron.

  • Do not use a fabric softner.

Product Disclaimer

Considering individual circumstances may be appropriate for the use of these products.  Standard medical care must be followed at all times.  These products are not intented to replace any procedure or guidelines in place for pressure wounds.  For additional protection whilst seated, we recommend the pad is folded an always placed on a foam based chair (e.g., recliner, sofa, ...).

Product Guarantee

Our products are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for a period of two(2) years from date of purchase.